List: Maine Dems trying to raise taxes, drive up your cost of living

Hey everyone, we decided to put together something of a list of the proposals from Democrats to raise your taxes or drive up the cost of living of Maine people.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but these are some of the proposals we’ve seen getting traction or attention in Augusta.

We are providing the LD number (or information), title and a brief description of what the proposal would do.

It is very helpful for people to reach out to Democrat legislators and urge them not to vote for these bad ideas. It’s also helpful to let them know that you’re watching closely and they will be held accountable for any tax or cost increase. (House and Senate Democrat contact info listed at the end of this post)

Let’s be real, these Democrat legislators run as “moderates” every two years, then go to Augusta and vote like extreme left-wing ideologues.

L.D. 434 “An Act To Price Carbon Pollution in Maine” – Sponsor: Rep. Deane Rykerson (D-Kittery)
L.D. 434 would add a new tax on every form of gasoline, diesel for home heating or transportation, natural gas, propane, kerosene, butane and coal. The tax starts at $5 per ton of carbon emissions for each fuel in the first year, and rises every year up to $40 per ton in 2028. (#2 Home heating fuel is 22.7 lbs per gallon, gasoline is 19.60 lbs per gallon)

Translation: Rural Mainers could easily see additional costs of $35-$60 per week in a few years if they commute to work and have to heat their home with any type of home heating fuel)

Speaker Gideon’s Income Tax Increase

We can’t find an LD number yet, but Speaker Sara Gideon wants to raise the income tax on working Mainers to fund a paid family leave program and bureaucracy.

Nevermind that other states have proposed this without raising taxes, (click here for VT/NH joint proposal info) – Speaker Gideon wants to raise your state income tax by a significant amount to do the same thing other states are proposing we do with no tax increase.

LD 213 “An Act To Require Snow Tires or All-weather Tires on Automobiles from October through April”  – Sponsor: Rep. David McCrea (D-Fort Fairfield)
This bill has been pulled. It would have required everyone to have certain tires on their automobiles from October through April, even if you couldn’t afford them.

L.D. 341 “An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for the Construction of a Convention Center in Portland” – Sponsor: Rep. Andrew McLean (D-Gorham)
Who wants to put taxpayers on the hook to pay for a new $150 million convention center in Portland? Cumberland County residents are still paying for the upgrades to the civic center, so now Rep. McLean thinks it should be on state taxpayers to pay back $150 million plus interest over the next 10 years.

(Democrats have sponsored a whole basket of proposals to add more debt on the backs of Maine taxpayers. Over $1.2 billion in total proposed general fund bond debt. We will provide a complete list once it is available. Currently Maine only has about $376 million in general fund bond debt.)

L.D. 20 “An Act To Provide Coverage for Abortion Services for MaineCare Members”
– Sponsor: Rep. Lois Reckitt (D-South Portland)
Not only are Democrats moving forward with expanding Medicaid without appropriating the money to pay for it in a sustainable manner, but now a group of Democrats led by Rep. Reckitt want to add in that Maine should pay for abortions with state funds (since federal funds can’t be used for abortions.)

L.D. 65 “An Act To Allow Municipalities To Impose a Seasonal or Year-round Local Option Sales Tax”  – Sponsor: Rep. Pinny Beebe-Center (D-Rockland)
http://legislature.maine.gov/LawMakerWeb/sponsors.asp?ID=280070750 The insatiable appetite of government yet again. Rep. Beebe-Center wants to add a local sales tax on top of the state sales tax. And then she wants the local sales tax sent to the state, where it can be calculated, and the cost of “administering” the local tax removed by bureaucrats at the state level, and then the remaining money sent back to the municipality.

L.D. 238 “An Act To Increase the Minimum Area of Usable Space per Child Required in the Outdoor Area of a Child Care Center” – Sponsor: Rep. Richard Farnsworth (D-Portland)
Do you every worry about the cost child care for your own family or others? Well, now Democrats have decided the state needs to micro-manage our child care facilities to have 45 square feet of outdoor usable space per child.

If this bill gets approved, expect a whole lot more micro-managing to happen, until child care is so expensive Democrats declare the government needs to take over the industry completely.

Legislative Democrat office contact information:
Maine House Democrat Office: (207) 287-1430
Website: http://legislature.maine.gov/housedems/

Maine Senate Democrat Office: (207) 287-1515
Website: www.mainesenate.org/


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