AUGUSTA – Is it Groundhog Day in September? Jared Golden is misleading voters in yet another way in his tv ads.
Presenting himself as a bipartisan leader in TV ads, Jared Golden is trying to re-brand himself from the hard-charging partisan House “whip” that keeps House Democrats toeing the party line day after day during legislative session.

The reality is, Jared Golden’s J.O.B. in Augusta is keeping House Democrats loyal to Speaker Sara Gideon. He’s a partisan enforcer, not a bipartisan leader.

When Golden talks about working with people on all sides to get things done, we think you should remember:

  • State shutdown because Democrats refused to let go of a destructive tax hike.
  • Legislative session scheduled to end in April that dragged on into September, holding tax relief for Mainers hostage over clean elections funding.
  • One of the most partisan, expensive legislative sessions in modern memory.
  • Multiple party line votes on a bill to make FGM illegal in Maine.
  • Party line votes to protect sanctuary cities and kill welfare reform bills.
  • The list goes on and on…

    If you saw a newspaper article or TV news segment that said “House Democrats killed XYZ bill on a party line vote” in the past two years, Jared Golden was working hard as Sara Gideon’s partisan enforcer.

Jared Golden says one thing on his TV ads, but does something entirely different in Augusta. He claims to be a bipartisan leader in the Maine House, but he is actually a partisan enforcer for Speaker Sara Gideon.

No way around it. That’s what he is.


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