Janet Mills’ troubling choice of fundraising staff magnifies concerns about Schneiderman relationship

Earlier today we noted:

‘Janet Mills has faced criticism for misleading Maine voters about her relationship with disgraced former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who recently resigned amid allegations that he physically abused multiple women. Mills tried to downplay her relationship with Schneiderman, who was the “special guest” raising thousands of dollars in cash for her campaign at a recent Manhattan fundraiser.
Now, Mills is fundraising off of her Schneiderman controversy. A new fundraising email sent by her campaign says that, “the Maine GOP and their allies in right-wing talk radio swung into gear, throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Janet to see if they could make something stick.”

Who signed this email? Well, none other than disgraced 2014 Mike Michaud for Governor intern Ben Gagnon, who was suspended from the campaign following vulgar, sexist and expletive-laden tweets he made. Mills has apparently hired him as her finance director!

WARNING: Vulgar & sacrilegious language below

As was reported nearly four years ago by the Daily Caller:
Some comments [Gagnon] tweeted include “You can’t enter heaven unless Jesus enters you,” “If you’re here for the premature ejaculation meeting you’ve come too early” and “There is no ‘good way’ to give a blowjob. One man’s ‘good way’ is another man’s ‘too much teeth.

Maine Public Broadcasting reported
Michaud’s campaign manager, Matt McTighe, says the remarks posted by Ben Gagnon “cannot be defended and do not represent the views of the campaign.

Janet Mills’ selection for a fundraiser once again calls into question her judgment and character. She has literally used a man with a record of making disgusting, sacrilegious and sexist comments to raise campaign cash off her lies about her fundraising relationship with a man who has allegeldy done disgusting, violent and sexist things.

This is the company Janet Mills keeps. Disgusting.


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