ICYMI – VIDEO: Dem Primary Candidate “Will Not Support Gideon” As Primary Battle Escalates


Last week, while Maine media was busy focusing on covering late-night talk show appearances, tensions in the Democratic Senate primary were boiling over.

In short, Sara Gideon’s opponents are not happy.

Democratic Senate candidate Bre Kidman said this week that they will not support Sara Gideon if Gideon becomes the nominee. Kidman also criticized Gideon for breaking campaign finance law.

When asked if they would support the eventual Democratic nominee for Senate, Kidman said they would support Betsy Sweet “wholeheartedly” but, “I will not support Sara Gideon.” Kidman said they have “deep concerns” about Gideon breaking campaign finance law, and Kidman believes Gideon’s violations have been treated “cavalierly” by the Democratic party. Kidman also said that Democrats have to “put up or shut up” regarding campaign finance in the race.

Democratic Senate candidate Betsy Sweet also sent an open letter to DC Democrats this week that criticized party bosses for picking a winner in the Maine Senate primary. The letter also continues her criticism of Sara Gideon, saying “How many times are you going to back middle-of-the-road candidates in hopes that they’ll somehow manufacture enthusiasm out of caution?”

Sweet took another veiled shot at Gideon by saying, “Mainers are ready for progressive leaders who won’t hesitate to say what we believe, even if it means stepping on some donor’s thousand-dollar shoes.”

So while the Maine media gives constant attention to a life-long Democrat mega-donor’s opposition to a Republican incumbent on the late-night talk show circuit, they may want to start paying attention to the race right here in their own state.


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