Former Dem Senator: Mum’s the word on our gun control plans

Sometimes you have to thank even your political opponents for their blunt honesty. Last Saturday at the Maine Democrat Convention, former Democrat State Senator John Patrick of Oxford let the cat out of the bag on how to achieve more gun control–shut up about it until after the elections.

Speaking in opposition to a proposal to put another gun ban in the Democrat Party platform, Mr. Patrick suggested Democrats needed to keep quiet about their intentions until after the election.

As Democrats were considering adding a gun ban to their party platform, Mr. Patrick urged them not to, and to wait until after the election so they would have enough seats to change laws.

As reported by Michael Shepherd in the Bangor Daily News:
[Patrick] said Democrats need to win the Blaine House and legislative majorities to make gun law changes and “if you want to un-elect Democrats” in rural areas, “pass this legislation, because that’s what you’re going to get.”…

This vote was overwhelming, even as gubernatorial candidates called for gun control in their speeches on Saturdayafter the platform debate. Portland Mayor Ethan Strimlingtweeted that the vote was “so disappointing.” It’s an example of an urban-rural divide in the state and party.

This blatant cowardice speaks volumes about today’s Maine Democrat Party elites. Are they really afraid to say where they stand on a Constitutional issue until after the election? 

If you believe in something, like taking away guns, have the courage to own it and stand up for it in front of the people you want to vote for you or your party. 

We are sadly seeing the same thing from Democrats on other questions like taxes, harmful regulations, welfare, education opportunity, and so many other critical issues for Maine’s heritage and future. 

Why are Maine Democrat elites hiding from the Maine people?

The answer is likely because they know they don’t have much in common with most people in Maine and they realize that admitting their desire to control and regulate even our right to defend ourselves won’t help them, so they are dishonestly hiding it until after the election.

The only way to make sure this does not happen is to get active with the Maine GOP, volunteering, attending a training, supporting your local or state candidates, or making a donation.

But please, don’t do nothing. Our rights are threatened if Democrats control enough seats to try and take them away.


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