Democrats Don’t Want To Know What Joe Biden Is Hiding

Democrats are showing their true colors when it comes to Tara Reade’s allegations. While one standard existed for Justice Kavanaugh, the same does not exist for Joe Biden. While Biden’s senate records are being kept under lock and key at the University of Delaware, Democrats have conveniently forgotten how they demanded that Kavanaugh’s records from his time in the White House be made public just two years ago. 

Despite touting his experience in the senate as a selling point for his campaign, Biden has admitted that he’s hiding something from the American people. Rep. Jared Golden is not concerned with transparency on Biden’s records and there is no outrage on the decision to withhold them.

Bottom Line: Joe Biden cannot continue to hide behind sealed senate documents. Democrats like Rep. Golden aren’t concerned with believing women, they’re concerned with putting party politics over everything. It’s time to step up and demand the truth.  

Read more from RNC Research here.


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