By the numbers: President Trump has sent mountains of PPE to Maine

You have probably seen a few of the more famous COVID-19 statistics in the mainstream media. Those include the $2+ billion sent to Maine through the Paycheck Protection Program in order to sustain nearly 200,000 Maine small business jobs during the state shut down.

But we would like to provide you with some additional numbers to show you just how much personal protective equipment (PPE) has been sent to Maine by the federal government under the leadership of President Trump.

You probably have not seen these numbers because they don’t fit the narrative of shifting the blame for everything to President Trump. Nevertheless, here are the numbers of PPE that have been shipped to Maine through Project Air Bridge and from the U.S. Strategic National Stockpile, through April 27, 2020.

Keep in mind, Maine has had a total of 1,056 confirmed cases during this pandemic. From those cases, there were sadly 52 deaths. There are currently 166 people hospitalized.

-N95 Respirator Masks: 215,608
-Surgical & Procedural Masks: 2,162,000+
-Eye & Face Shields: 77,000
-Isolation & Surgical Gowns: 1,162,000+
-Surgical & Exam Gloves: 32.5+ million

We know, we know, that doesn’t fit the narrative the Democratic Party and some in the media want you to buy into.

At least now when you see or hear suggestions we were left to fend for ourselves, you’ll have the truth – the actual numbers.Please share with your friends and family to make sure they have the numbers as well!



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