By Biden’s Own Standards Tara Reade Should Be Believed

Joe Biden must really be regretting the sexual assault standards that he forced on college campuses right about now. Back in the Obama/Biden days, their administration’s campus sexual assault policy made drastic changes to Title IX that undermined due process by placing the burden of proof on the accused.

Remember when Joe Biden said in 2018, “the woman should be given the benefit of the doubt?” Apparently that statement only applies to Brett Kavanaugh and Republicans who are accused.

Now that the tables have turned, Biden suddenly believes he is entitled to the very premise he once opposed. Biden’s new campaign slogan should be “Justice for me, but not for thee!”

But Biden is far from being the only one who thinks the rules shouldn’t apply to them. For Sara Gideon and Jared Golden, who joined Democrats campaigning on the idea that women should be believed, their refusal to acknowledge the allegations made against Biden speaks volumes.

The truth is that Joe Biden, Sara Gideon and Jared Golden are hypocrites. When it comes down to it, their push that all “women should be believed,” was nothing more than a political talking point.

Bottom Line: It is clear that Joe Biden only believes some women and not others. By his own standards, Tara Reade should be believed. Democrats’ perpetual silence for on this issue for political purposes is inexcusable.  


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