BOMBSHELL REPORT: Money Laundering by Maine Democrats

How many times have you heard Maine Democrat politicians rail against the influence of money in politics?

A lot of times, right? And they are consistent on this, not hypocrites, right? 


A new report published yesterday by Maine Public’s Steve Mistler shows how the Maine Democratic Party laundered millions of dollars for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 campaign cycle.

At one point, the report even provides evidence that they were just making up financial transactions out of thin air to get away with their money laundering scheme.

This is unethical and illegal.

Not long ago, the Maine Democratic Party was calling for my resignation based on false accusations. After that, it should come as no surprise now that they are subject to a federal lawsuit and an investigation by the Federal Elections Commission for massive violations of election law.

Here are a few excerpts from the Maine Public article:

How big is this?
“Backer describes the case as ripe for inquiry by the Department of Justice. He says the Democratic fundraising scheme is 4,000 times the magnitude of a case involving conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, who was prosecuted and convicted in 2012 for a strawman donor scheme. Backer says everyone involved in this case should be worried: donors, Democratic fundraisers and party officials who filed the campaign finance reports. They’re all looking at significant legal jeopardy,” he said.”

When you have lost the ultra-liberal group Common Cause:
“There’s a lot of smoke here. There may be fire. There may be some actual violations of federal campaign finance law. And at a minimum — at a bare minimum — the FEC needs to open an investigation,” Ryan said. (Ryan is an attorney for Common Cause, a group that Chellie Pingree once ran.)

No comment from Maine Democrats: “Scott Ogden, a spokesman for the Maine Democratic Party, declined to comment on the FEC complaint or provide the party’s response to it.”


Backer also noted that some of the transactions between the state parties and the DNC didn’t match. He noted one such case in Maine, in which transaction data showed the state party sent a $15,000 donation to the DNC before it arrived from the Hillary Victory Fund. The money was papered to make it look like it passed through state committees,” he said.’


There is indeed a lot of smoke here. We should all be following and documenting the investigation that should be coming, as well as the court cases and the election law violation complaint. 

Click here to read the full Maine Public investigative story.


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