Biden’s America: Anarchy, Looting and Violence

new ABC News/Ipsos poll finds 64% of Americans oppose defunding the police.

The results align with a recent Yahoo!/YouGov poll finding nearly two-thirds oppose cutting police department funding. Even a HuffPost poll found “defund the police” is “by far the least popular” proposal with only 27% support.

While sane Americans are roundly rejecting this fringe movement, Democrats are doing their best to bring it into the mainstream.

As party leaders dodge the question and Joe Biden walks a “cautious line” not wanting to upset their radical base, Maine Democrats like Jared Golden and Sara Gideon refuse to denounce members of their own party who want to dismantle the police in its entirety.

Meanwhile, the news media tries to tell us defund the police does not really mean what they say it means, and shows more concern about cartoon German Shepard cops than armed leftists who have taken over a portion of a major city through Biden Zones.

A crowd of people in front of a building

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Bottom line: President Trump is listening and leading, meeting with community leaders, and offering productive solutions to uplift all areas of society while Biden’s base wants to defund police, turning our country to anarchy. Mainers know that President Trump is the right choice to lead the nation and keep Americans across the country safe.



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