Stop Shady Sara

Since moving from New York to Maine, Sara Gideon has been on a mission to change the political landscape of our great state. As speaker of the Maine House, Sara has pushed extreme-socialist policies including taxpayer-funded abortion, tax-payer funded welfare for non-citizens, and a 40 cent per-gallon tax on gas and heating oil.

Her ultra-liberal ideology and track record of being a rubber-stamp Democrat has landed her on Chuck Schumer’s wish-list of 2020 candidates. Chuck Schumer and his DC elites will spare no expense to push Sara into the Senate.

Sara may have a New York state-of-mind, but her values clearly do not represent the hard-working people of Maine. Sign here to pledge your commitment to stop Shady Sara from taking her extremism to the US Senate.

Paid for and Authorized by the Maine Republican Party.
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