Speak Up Against Oil Taxes, Share Your Home Heating Story

With the tax-increasing $93 trillion ‘Green New Deal,’ Joe Biden’s assertion that fossil fuels have no place in his administration, proposed carbon taxes, and all the other extreme climate plans coming from the left, one thing is clear: there is a war being waged on our way of life in Maine.

Democrats’ disconnect from the lives and challenges of Maine people is obvious. Maybe everyone in Los Angeles can have solar panels and electric cars, but we know that’s just not feasible for most Mainers. 

The majority of Mainers heat their homes with oil or natural gas. They know how hard it can be to keep warm during the long, cold winters, and that sometimes sacrifices need to be made for a few extra gallons of oil or gas. Even with assistance programs that help families and the elderly just get by, every year there are still frozen and broken pipes and children who go to school smelling like kerosene because their parents had to bring the heater inside.

Did you know that Sara Gideon recently sponsored a bill that would have imposed a 40 cent tax on EVERY gallon of heating oil and gasoline consumed by Mainers?

We want to know how you would be affected by Sara Gideon and the Democrats’ extreme climate plans and tax increases.

Share your home heating story with us, and we’ll deliver it to Speaker Sara Gideon and other Democrats before the next legislative session.

We must urge Democrats to reject the extreme climate policies of Sara Gideon and other 2020 Democrats, and support your right to a warm home.

Let’s make our voices heard: no new carbon taxes in the Maine Legislature, and No New Carbon Tax Politicians in Washington D.C.

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