Speak Out: Tell Sara Gideon not to go along with Janet Mills’ new gas tax!

As multiple media reports have shown, Governor Janet Mills is on the verge of supporting a crushing new gas tax on the Maine people.

This new tax, estimated at 13 to 20 cents per gallon, will be implemented similar to California’s “cap-and-trade” system that has given them the highest gas prices in the nation.

Janet Mills labeled Mainers speaking up against this gas tax “trolls” in a Maine Public interview. The only thing standing in the way of Janet Mills’ new gas tax is now the Maine Legislature.

In the most recent legislative session, Speaker Sara Gideon and more than half of Democrats co-sponsored a bill that would have resulted in a 40 cent per gallon tax on gasoline and heating oil.

They only gave up when protesters converged on Augusta to demand they stop.

Right now, we need to build a strong coalition of Mainers to oppose this new gas tax and send a strong message to Sara Gideon to leave our gas and heating oil alone.

This new tax will crush working Mainers, our elderly and those who live in rural Maine. It will drive up prices on most of the products we purchase to survive.

It’s wrong for Maine and wrong for Maine people. Please sign below and add your voice to the thousands of Mainers already speaking up against this new gas tax.

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