Sign to Oppose Janet Mills’ non-citizen welfare action & betrayal of elderly Mainers

A few weeks ago, Janet Mills blocked a bill to help Maine’s nursing homes stay open and funded, but she just announced that she is taking “emergency” measures to provide welfare to non-citizens in Portland who came across the border illegally.

There is no way Janet Mills can deny her priorities now.

Janet Mills is “bailing out” Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling and providing state welfare dollars to hundreds (eventually thousands) of non-citizens while our nursing homes struggle to stay open and care for elderly Mainers across our state.

We have plans for Janet Mills in 2022, but right now, we need to work on getting the word out about her terrible positions and the destruction our nursing homes are facing while she pulls off the Portland bail out.

Our elderly and workers must come before non-citizens.

We need to find and support candidates who will hold Janet Mills accountable until we can get her voted out of office. We need to spread the word about Janet Mills’ terrible priorities.

We need to get the message out that Maine. People. Must. Come. First.

As Governor LePage just said about this, “I will feed my family before I feed strangers.”

Janet Mills is enabling lawlessness. She is bailing out Ethan Strimling. She is pushing elderly and disabled Mainers to the back of the line.

Janet Mills must be held accountable.

"I oppose Janet Mills giving welfare to non-citizens while leaving Maine's elderly and disabled citizens without necessary funding"

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