Prediction Pool: When will Janet Mills raid rainy day fund again? Great Prize!

Governor Janet Mills said she had “no interest” in raiding Maine’s rainy-day fund, but just 57 days into her first term as Governor, she raided it for the first time.

When will Janet Mills raid the fund again? Enter our contest!

Enter the contest below to win one of these extremely rare original 2010 LePage for Governor lawn signs. Only 10 were ever printed and they were used one afternoon for an event before being retired. The person who predicts the closest number of days without going over will win.

Predictions should be made from the start date of the contest, by entering the number of days from March 15th forward until Janet Mills raids the rainy day fund again.

Rare original 2010 LePage for Governor lawn sign will be the prize for the winner.

Remember these facts:

– Governor Mills has initiated rapid expansion and hiring of over 100 new workers at Maine DHHS without approval for all her new spending.

– Governor Mills is expanding welfare benefits without approval from the federal government that they will help pay for it.

– Governor Mills’ new budget proposes spending almost every penny of projected surplus over the next two years.

– Governor Mills has abandoned work requirements for able-bodied adults to receive welfare benefits.

– Governor Mills and Democrats are seeking a major expansion of abortion providers in Maine along with taxpayer funding for abortion.

– 57 days into her first term, Governor Mills already needed to take $10 million from the rainy day fund, in spite of starting with a $121 million budget surplus.

– Every Maine middle-class family could have seen a tax cut of about $850 with Maine’s surplus at the time Janet Mills took office – but Janet Mills chose to propose growing the state budget by 11% instead.

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