CONNECT: Want to sign legal petitions to repeal Maine laws? Tell us here.

The Maine GOP wants to help.

Currently there are three people’s vetoes being circulated by various groups and individuals. We field inquiries every day about how people can connect, sign petitions or go out and collect signatures.

While we are not managing any of these people’s veto campaigns ourselves, we do have the ability to connect you to the person nearest to you, or someone who can make sure you are able to be involved on whatever level you can.

Please use the form below and tell us which petitions you want to sign in person.

We will then share your information with the appropriate team(s) to make sure someone connects with you as soon as possible.

If you want to circulate petitions to help put the question(s) on the ballot, you can check those boxes, and someone will be in touch about materials and training.

We stand in strong support of making sure the voices of Maine people are heard in the face of the onslaught of radical legislation that was pushed through the Maine Legislature.

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